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Kitesurf in Brazil, Macapá Beach

Brazil is well known as kitesurf paradise.

The wind blows almost 6 month dayli.

Hot water, natural beauties, small villagies is commum for most of villages in the northeast of Brazil.

Macapá Beach has a plus: it´s a kitesurf playground! There you find strong and constantly wind, flat water, some waves to play, current, close villages to up wind (Barra Grande 5km) and downwind (20km -40km) to Luis Correia (city) and Parnaiba Delta (wild place).

From Macapa Beach is possible to do a kitesafari day in Parnaiba Delta too. It´s awesome tour day!

Macapa Beach is around 500km from Fortaleza Airport, 40km from Paranaiba Airport (fligths from Sao Paulo) and around 150km from Jericioacoara.

It´s a commum stop before visiting Lençois Maranhenses.

The low and high tides change completly the scenario.

There are a local iniciative, Kitesurf Connect, where the locals teach kitesurf for each other, turists donate equipments, volunteers teach, from time to time the group clean the beach. During the windseason the local riders are there to take care of kitesurfer turists and offering freestyle kitesurf shows every sunset.

Come and visit us!

You will be amazed!!

Macapa Beach - Piauí - Brazil

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